Monday, March 7, 2011

First Semester in School- Physiology picture with Brett Merkley

This picture doesn't enlarge at good quality, but here we are! This was physiology our first semester at Westminster College. We started at the end of August 2010 and had a good few weeks of sharing unique facts and trying to get each other's names straight.
Brett Merkley was our Physiology instructor for that first class (He is James Stimpson's brother in law--who left us with many, fun memories!). Shoeleh Assemi taught our Basic/Organic/BioChem/Physics class which we all jumped through hoops to survive. Art Hupka supervised our Pharmacology class that we actually view via satellite. It is taught by John Nagelhout from Kaiser. That is one of the best classes we have ever had. Professor Nagelhout was truly born to teach (It's super helpful that he is a retired CRNA). Fall semester Anatomy was taught by Susan Shaw, a Veterinarian. She was great. She hooked up the dog owners with some free consults. : )
This semester (Winter 2011) we have Pharmacology (taught by John Nagelhout and supervised by Art Hupka), Physiology (taught by Jessamyn Markley), Research (taught by Han Kim and Sheryl Steadman), and Professional Aspects (taught by James Stimpson and Chris Torman).

So far, we are surviving!!!

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