Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Volleyball!

Val and Aaron took volleyball to the big leagues with an outdoor 2-on-2 tournament.
Way to go, guys!

Happy Birthday, Erick!

Nothing like a pool party to celebrate a birthday!
Happy Birthday, Erick!

Friday, June 10, 2011

More Dirty Dash!!!

More mud run pictures that were posted online!
The group:
Elie, Val, and Stephanie
Kritt, Jay, and Russ
That... was fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Dirty Dash: Utah's First Mud Run

Let's be honest... since starting school we truly have cut back on all fun activities, healthy hobbies, and moments of peace. It was time to treat ourself to a fun activity, so we signed up for Utah's first 5k mud run.
 It took place this Saturday up in Midway, and soon enough... things got DIRTY!!!

Before we jumped in the mud:
Stephanie and hubby (Kritt), Jay, Val, Amanda, Elie, and Russ
Sorry, folks, I just had to include a picture of our youngeset supporter!
The next few pictures are at the finish line as we ran/swam/crawled through the muddy pit. This is after we ran up and down muddy hills, were sprayed by gigantic water blowers, crawled through dirty tunnels, hurdled hay bales, climbed over 5-6ft walls, and slid down a giant slippery slide.
Russ, Amanda, Stephanie, and Val
We finished!
Jay, Russ, Amanda, Stephanie, Elie, Val, and Kritt
Me (Stephanie) and my hubby (Kritt) with Jay's beautiful family (Jenny, Hannah, and Isaac).
I wish I could really capture the course. It extended off both sides of the pictures where there was a whole lot of mud to overcome. Hopefully I can snag a few of the professional pictures once they're posted online!

Semester Break! (Trying to forget we have school during the summer...)

Here are a few memories as we transitioned from Spring to Summer semester. There are definitely many pictures missing from fellow classmates, but this is proof that we love any break we can get!
Russ and Paul
Paul and his cute family!
Just hanging out...
Nothing like a good party at Russ, Amanda, and Val's Club House!
Val, Amanda, and Erick
Val and Aubrey
Me (Stephanie) and my family met up with Jason and his family on one of our nights in Vegas!!!
Sweet tooth!
Quite a few of us enjoyed a quick trip to Zion's!
We did our best to soak up the nice weather before hitting the books again for summer semester...
I'd say we did a pretty good job!


Spring Semester 2011

Pharmacology II with Art Hupka supervising and adding to the lectures from Dr. John Nagelhout:
 Research taught by Sheryl Steadman and Han Kim:
Physiology II taught by Jessamyn Markley:
I am proud to say we all passed!!!